Monday, June 24, 2013

Top 5 Potential Draft Steals

Top 5 Potential Draft Steals
(Based on Consensus Mock Draft Positions)

5. Ricardo Ledo SG

Like a lot of the players in this draft, Ledo has huge Boom or Bust potential. Missing the entire 2012-2013 NCAA season and his highest level of competition is high school, but in high school he went against the top prospects and showed he has an elite offensive skill set. Ledo has great size at the 2 with good athleticism and can score in a hurry. He can score off the bounce, pull up, and knock down the open shot. If he can bounce back from sitting out a full season, he will be a solid scorer in the league.

Check out Ledo against top prospects prior to his H.S. senior season:

4. Mason Plumlee PF/C

Plumlee improved on a lot of the knocks against him. He has a reliable post game and is improving his free throw shooting. He will be a great rebounder in the league and is a very good defender. Scouts think just because you are young you have potential and just because you are old you don't. Nerlens Noel is not better than Plumlee, but he will go well before Plumelee. He is a great defender and and runs the floor very well. Any team would be lucky to add him to the mix.

Plumlee senior season highlights:

3. Giannis Adetokoubo F/G

Giannis can legitamately play the 2-4 on the NBA level. Very raw, and still needs time, but upside is huge. Has a decent shot that will improve with more reps and has a knack to get to the rim. His athleticism is a little overrated, but his length is freakish. He is worth a lottery pick since he can be stashed and develop overseas for a few years.

Giannis highlight reel from his low level Euro team:

2. C.J. McCollum SG/PG

McCollum has serious superstar potential with little risk. He is criticized for going to a small school, but he has done great against every big program he has went against. Can shoot from everywhere and has a sick handle that makes him deadly on the offensive end. Players with this scoring capability should not drop out of the top 5; let alone the top 10. Look for McCollum to run away with the ROY award with his unique combination of scoring ability and creating for others.

Check out the best scorer in this year's draft:

1. Cody Zeller PF/C

Who doesn't want a seven footer who runs like a gazelle, hustles, is a top rebounder and defender, can create for himself, and can knock down the open 15-footer? Obviously every mock drafter because you rarely see Zeller in the top 5 in a draft that many analyst consider historically weak. Zeller is a top-5 pick in almost every draft in recent history and is suffering from coming back an extra year to get over analyzed.

Check out the top player on my draft board:

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