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Here is the Keymaster's first NBA mock draft. My draft goes by where players should go by the evaluations done by us at true talent scouting.

Round 1

1. Cleveland Cavaliers-Ben McLemore B+ Pick should be traded.

I know he's not at the top on our big board, but Zeller will not perform while having to steal minutes from his brother . This Will give Kyrie someone to knock down open 3's.

Strengths: A good versatile scorer, great off the ball, on the ball, and runs the floor well. Has the potential to become a top 5 defensive player at his position.

Weaknesses: Ceiling is All-Star level, but film shows he is a very good 6th man on a playoff team or best player on a bad team e.g. Jamaal Crawford. Fades at times.

Rookie: Contributing Starter
Ceiling: All-Star
Prediction: Career as solid starter. Poor man's Ray Allen (Pre-Celtics) minus creating for others.

2. Orlando Magic-Victor Oladipo B+ Pick should be traded.

Again not sticking to the big board. Magic could shop Aaron and Oladipo will evolve into an upgrade.

Strengths:Will come into the league as one of the premier defensive players. Knocks down the open shot and his great athleticism translates well on the court.

Weaknesses:Still learning to create his own shot, so at times he predetermines what he is going to do which results in turnovers.

Rookie: Key Contributor
Ceiling: Perennial All-Star
Prediction: Tony Allen with a much better offensive game.

3. Washington Wizards-Cody Zeller A

Best prospect and gives Wall a big man that runs the floor. Scouts are over critiquing him.

Strengths:Can guard the 4/5 well. Great low post offense and works hard.

Weaknesses:Needs to work on shot from 15+.

Rookie: Key Contributor
Ceiling: Perennial All-Star
Prediction: Will make a few All-Star games, good overall career.

4. Charlotte Bobcats-Alex Len B+

Gives Kimba help. Still pretty raw, but will blossom in a few years.

Strengths: Not awkward like most bigs his size. Will be able to use versatility well in a league starved of big men. Can put on more weight and not lose his athleticism. Good shooter for position.

Weaknesses: Needs time and experience.

Rookie: Rotation Guy
Ceiling: All-Star
Prediction: Will make a huge difference because of lack of bigs i.e. Roy Hibbert.

5.  Phoenix Suns- Nerlens Noel B+

This team wants to move a few vets and with this pick they can move Gortat or Scola. Noel is a great shot blocker, but is still very raw defensively because he goes after everything quite recklessly. His limitations offensively will be covered because his athleticism and ability to finish will meld well with Dragic's ability in the pick and roll game.

Strengths: Great shot blocker with great athleticism. Runs the floor very well and his athleticism translates to the floor. Very good finisher and great height and length. Good rebounder.

Weaknesses: No shooting ability, no low post O, can't create for self. Very light and small frame, will be limited in amount of weight to put on.

Rookie: Rotational Player
Ceiling: Top Defensive player
Prediction: Solid career as starter and backup

6. New Orleans Pelicans- Anthony Bennett B+

Tired of people trying to replace Vasquez, he's solid and PG's in this draft at best may only become slightly better them him someday. Bennett will give them the extra offense they need and his defensive problems can be hidden thanks to Davis.

Strengths: Mismatch waiting to happen. Dominates players in the post, can stretch the floor, and if you can stop him in the post he'll switch and take you off the dribble.

Weaknesses: Gives up height at the 4 and slow feet for the 3, so will have to develop some craftiness on the defensive end. Has durability issues, slows towards the end of the season.

Rookie: Key Contributor
Ceiling: All-Star
Prediction: A solid player, will be good offensively and will be a defensive liability.

7. Sacramento Kings- Shabazz Muhammad B

Another player over-critiqued. In a ill-suited system with other scoring options and still averaged almost 18 ppg. Improved shooting and is a scorer. If Tyreke Evans is out this will be a good pick up.

Strengths: A scorer and has developed his catch and shoot ability. Great finisher big time competitor. Good defensive ability a can guard the 3 though a bit undersized.

Weaknesses: Not a playmaker and not a good passer. Not a good shooter for a player who's calling card is scoring. Lacks size that may give trouble for larger 3's

Rookie: Works way into rotation
Ceiling: Reliable 2nd option
Prediction: 6th man that is a good scorer off the bench and good defensively

8. Detroit Pistons- Kentavious Caldwell Pope B+

Move him to the 3 and this team will be scary in the future. KCP can score every way for a wing and will be a good defensive player.

Strengths: Pure scorer, good defensive player. Good athleticism can play slow paced or fast offense.

Weaknesses: From my film he looks like a black hole and will not create for others. Looks good, but not great.

Rookie: Key Contributor
Ceiling: All-Star Appearance
Prediction: Solid starter

9. Minnesota Timberwolves- C.J. McCollum A

Finally, I take my 2nd player off the board. Falls because he needs to go to a backcourt with a very good defensive player. This makes this backcourt scary. This guy is an unstoppable scorer with great handle. Can play the 1/2 well, but with Rubio all his strengths are able to be focused on and weaknesses hidden.

Strengths: Will enter the league as one of the best shooters. Can score in every way no matter who's on him. Good passer and plays passing lanes well.

Weaknesses: Small at the 2 and passing is secondary to him. Gambles on D.

Rookie: ROY
Ceiling: MVP
Prediction: Perennial All-Star

10. Portland Trailblazers- Glen Rice Jr. B

Very solid core 5, but no depth. Adding rice will help and he could develop into a starter and move the experienced Matthews to the bench. Will add much needed off the bench scoring.

Strengths: Good scorer with good athleticism has the tools to develop into a decent defensive player.

Weaknesses: Really just a decent scorer and will never be a #1 option on a championship caliber team.

Rookie: Rotational player
Ceiling: Good scorer on a decent team
Prediction: Will be a Marco Belinelli type of player

11. Philadelphia 76ers- Tim Hardaway Jr. C

They need help now and drafting one of the higher rated foreign players won't benefit them until 2-3 years from now, and there's no telling how the roster will look then. Tim is a scorer who is a very good shooter which works perfectly with Turner and Holiday who will create a lot of shots for him.

Strengths: Shooter with good athleticism and tools to develop good defensively.

Weaknesses: Takes plays off on defense and is more of a streaky shooter than pure.

Rookie: Rotational player
Ceiling: Solid starter
Prediction: Rotational and situation scorer

12. Oklahoma City Thunder- Reggie Bullock C

Perfect pick because he merges the abilities of what Martin has offensively and what people think Thabs brings on the defensive end.

Strengths: Athletic shooter runs the floor well and a solid ball handler with great size at the 2.

Weaknesses: Injury history have taken away from his gifts may never recover. Grade is this low because of what he could have been.

Rookie: Starter key contributor
Ceiling: 2nd option
Prediction: Rotational player

13. Dallas Mavericks- Michael Carter Williams B+

Dream scenario, because the coach hates Darren and a good talent comes to replace. The best pure PG in the draft, he instinctively gives open looks for players around him. Dirk will not have to create so much on his own and the Carter will bring the D to Big D.

Strengths: Great size and athleticism. Pure passer sets up his teammates well. Size and instincts gives players fits on both ends of the floor.

Weaknesses: Bad shooter which makes him easier to defend. Indecisive at times.

Rookie: First team
Ceiling: All-Star
Prediction: Solid career starter

14. Utah Jazz- Trey Burke C

Utah desperately needs a PG so they grab the guy with all the hype. Trey has the intangibles, but the skill level doesn't match. He's a winner and can hit the big shot, but his defense is deplorable and will make a mediocre PG have a good night. Fits the team's immediate needs at the PG more than a Lorenzo Brown or Eric Green.

Strengths: Great pick and role player can hit the long bomb and has a great mid-range game. Great leader and keeps his team in the game.

Weaknesses: Poor defense and will be exploited. Lacks the speed and quickness to keep up with most NBA PG's.

Rookie: Starter
Ceiling: Starter
Prediction: Solid rotation guy

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