Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top 5 Overrated Prospects

Most Overrated Prospects

First, let me say that all of these prospects have great potential and I believe with hard work they all have a chance to be premier players in the league. But I am going purely off of the actual talent level these prospects posses and not what they could be if they trained with Tim Grover 6 hours a day for a year.

5. Trey Burke

Hate to have him on the list because he's a leader and a competitor, but he just shouldn't go in the top 8. He has good stats, but he had a loaded team around him. He has a nice mid range game, but he struggles against teams with size. Worst of all is his defense, I know everyone believes no one plays D in the NBA, but I guarantee you the Magic would have locked up Louisville last season. He's not crafty on D, has slow feet, no size, and can't make up for it with speed or hops. Just isn't talented enough to go in the top 5 like; most think he should.

4. Shane Larkin

Someone is going to get burned by this one year wonder. Durand Scott was actually the best player on the team, but Larkin received all the notoriety. Had an impressive showing at the athletic test at the combine, but in my opinion it's a red flag. It's kind of like Blaine Gabbert when he came out in the NFL draft. Everyone was shocked by the numbers because the he didn't look athletic on film. Well, FILM DON'T LIE! Larkin doesn't look athletic on film because his athleticism doesn't translate to the court. To make matters worse, he's a worse version of Burke who actually has a track record. He's just not a first round pick.

3. Steven Adams

Adams makes the list not because of the statistics, but because of his issues. His problem during his Frosh. campaign wasn't that he looked lost or needed to put on weight, things that can be corrected at the next level, but it was his drive. He just didn't seem that motivated; which always spells trouble. Since he's a 7 footer, someone will give him that guaranteed contract and  be disappointed unless he decides to turn it on.

2. Alex Len

Len has a some intriguing tools, but he doesn't know how to use them. Plus, he's still learning the game and his learning curve is much greater than people believe. He needs a few more years to develop than expected and most teams at the top of the draft aren't expecting that and will not give him the needed time.

1. Otto Porter

As much as I would want Porter on my team, I wouldn't want to build my team around him. As much as a contender would love to have him, most teams in the lottery can't afford the luxury of using a pick on a glue guy. He can knock down an open shot now and then, but he really won't take too many wings off the dribble. He's a good defender and hard worker, but if your team needs scoring, he will not give that to you; which most lottery teams need.  The only exception in the lottery is OKC, but he doesn't project well at the 2 and I doubt Durant playing the 4 all season just to accommodate Porter on the wing is their best option. Maybe one of the teams in the lottery can afford a scorer in free agency can pick him up, because most of the others will be greatly disappointed.

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