Sunday, June 23, 2013

First Round cont.

15. Milwaukee Bucks- Giannis Adetkoubo B+

This team needs everything because they will lose Monta and J.J. this year and Jennings next year. Season's over before it begins, so why not build for the future. Giannis is the definition of raw, but with a few years stashed overseas he could develop into a perennial All-Star.

Strengths: Crazy length and nice frame, will be able to put on enough wait to be the size of Serge w/o losing any mobility. Projects well at the NBA level at the 2, 3, or 4. Decent jump shot, nice handle, good shot blocker, very good at getting to the basket.

Weaknesses: Technique and awareness is at the level of a top high school junior prospect.

Rookie: Will not be here for a few years
Ceiling: Superstar Caliber
Prediction: A few All-Star appearances

16. Boston Celtics- Tony Mitchell B

With the Big 3 a thing of the past, the C's need to shore up the frontcourt and Mitchell has the athleticism and versatility to fit well. This can turn into an exciting team with Rondo and Bradley pushing the pace with Mitchell as the 3/4.

Strengths: Nice size and very good athleticism. Decent post game against smaller defenders and can take slower defenders off the dribble.

Weaknesses: Good jump shot for a 4 but only average for a 3. Much better off the ball than with the ball in his hands.

Rookie: Starter
Ceiling: Starter
Prediction: Career rotation guy

17. Atlanta Hawks- Sergey Karasev B+

Josh Smith is probably gone, so it may be time to look for the future. Sergey is a smooth 2/3 with a nice stroke and sets his teammates up well. Will give the Hawks the 3 point threat they lost in Johnson.

Strengths: Is a great all-around offensive player. Great shooter and passer and create for self and others. Will knock down the open J. Already a seasoned vet overseas.

Weaknesses: One of the worst defender's in the draft and the least athletic, but has started to develop craftiness to make up for this.

Rookie: Stash a year or two
Ceiling: 3rd option starter
Prediction: Solid starter

18. Atlanta Hawks- Ricardo Ledo B

High risk high reward pick. The Hawks have to roll the dice because the franchise is on the brink. Ledo hasn't played since his high school senior season, but if he puts in the work he has a game reminiscent of their previous SG.

Strengths: Flat out scorer with great athleticism.

Weaknesses: Hasn't played at a high enough level. Was a black hole in high school. May not ever recover from sitting out a year.

Rookie: Bench
Ceiling: All-Star appearance
Prediction: Rotation player

19. Cleveland Cavaliers- C.J. Leslie B

Tweener that the Cavs can gamble on. On the small side for a 4 and and lacks the skill set for a 3, but his length, athleticism, and ability to guard the 3/4 will be of great benefit to the Cavs.

Strengths: Great athlete and finishes strong at the rim. Very good shot blocker and runs the floor very well.

Weaknesses: Doesn't have the skills to play the 3 and too small to be a 4. Ball handling not good enough to play the 3 and can't float on the wing. Can guard some 4's but gives up extremely too much height.

Rookie: Spark plug (a lot of exciting plays in few minutes)
Ceiling: Starter
Prediction: Rotation player

20. Chicago Bulls- Rudy Gorbert C

Bulls need a back up big man because it seems the SG need has been filled(see Jimmy Butler in the playoffs). Maybe Rudy can develop behind Noah like Asik did, and maybe the Bulls will learn to keep their big men.

Strengths: 7'1" with huge wingspan, eats up a lot of space and a decent finisher. Good shot blocker. Big hands and will catch the ball.

Weaknesses: Soft, defeats the purpose of being so big if little guys beat up on him. No athleticism.

Rookie: Bench
Ceiling: Starter
Prediction: Career back up

21. Utah Jazz- Archie Goodwin C

Archie has had a rough year, but the talent is there. Can be a huge addition to a team that lacks bench scoring on the wings. Can bring a change of pace if swapped with Gordon.

Strengths: Good at creating own shot with decent athleticism.

Weaknesses: Not consistent and gets down on self at times; can improve with time. Not a good enough scorer when that is supposed to be his strength.

Rookie: Rotation
Ceiling: Starter
Prediction: Career 6th man

22. Brooklyn Nets- Mason Plumlee B-

This is weird to say of the #22 pick, but this puts the Nets over the hump. Brings everything to the table that Evans does, but with more size and an extremely better offensive game. Not good a stretching the floor, but with Lopez who can, he can set up camp in the paint.

Strengths: Much improved post game, will make smaller 4's pay and can find the open shooter out of the post. Runs the floor as well as Zeller and a great finisher.

Weaknesses: Terrible shooter and still improving on free throws.

Rookie: Starter
Ceiling: Top defender
Prediction: Career starter

23. Indiana Pacers- Steven Adams C

What do the Pacers need? How about another big bruising C to alleviate Hibbert. Adams has the size and the talent but does he have the will to take advantage of the lack of decent bigs in the NBA.

Strengths: Great size talented player. Nice post game and good rebounder. An asset on the defensive end.

Weaknesses: Does not assert himself at all. Constantly defers. Not as slow as most big men his size, but still too slow for teams going small.

Rookie: Bench
Ceiling: All-Star
Prediction: Spot starter

24. New York Knicks- Kelly Olynyk C

With Amare always injured, this pick gives the Knicks a viable option for a big. This team has taken  playing small to the extreme, but Kelly blends a nice offensive skill set with great length and gives them much needed size. Can become an instant impact, maybe even a better Ryan Anderson. Playing along side Chandler will hide both of there deficiencies and take this team to the next level.

Strengths: Highly skilled big who can score in many ways. Great height and length. Can stretch the defense or put up buckets in the post.

Weaknesses: Bad 1-on-1 defender, but length can make up for it. Very bad athleticism.

Rookie: Starter
Ceiling: Solid Starter
Prediction:6th man

25. L.A. Clippers- Deshaun Thomas C+

Clips need a scorer, Thomas needs a team that can hide his defensive deficiencies. With Griffin and Jordan behind him; he has that covered. He can flat out score. The most unguardable player in the NCAA last season and will translate well in the NBA.

Strengths: Will score no matter what. An underrated shooter and doesn't need size advantage to score on you in the post. Decent rebounder.

Weaknesses: Just will not be able to guard players at the NBA level (But his offense makes up for it).

Rookie: Starter
Ceiling: Go to guy
Prediction: Solid starter with decent scoring stats

26. Denver Nuggets- Ray McCallum C+

Highly underrated PG. Has the skills to be a solid player if not asked to do too much. Miller maybe leaving, he can step into that role next year and develop behind Lawson.

Strengths: Good athlete with solid PG skills. Good court vision and a good passer.

Weaknesses: A bit undersized and not a consistent shooter. Not really great at anything and doesn't use athleticism in the game. Not sure if he forces the issue naturally or just because his team wasn't very good.

Rookie: Backup
Ceiling: Solid Starter
Prediction: Backup PG

27. Minnesota Timberwolves- Otto Porter C

With the earlier pick; Minny found some O, this pick gives them that glue guy that everyone needs. Good defender and can hit the open shot. Brings intensity to a team that's hungry for a change.

Strengths: Very good defender and is a Jack of all trades on offense. Solid rebounder and can be used in a fast pace or good in the half court. Great competitor and leader.

Weaknesses: Not really good at anything on the offensive end, but not bad. Will never be the focal point of the offense, but he can find many ways to score. More fitting for a glue guy role than a franchise cornerstone role.

Rookie: Rotation player
Ceiling: Solid Starter
Prediction: Spot Starter

28. San Antonio Spurs- Lucas Nogueira (BeBe) C+

Ideal scenario for BeBe. He can go to a team that has legends there and can work on his number 1 issue; his maturity. He will eventually take Splitter's spot or fill in for Tim when he retires.

Strengths: Good athleticism and runs the floor well. Good size and length and a good finisher.

Weaknesses: Has developed a super star personality before he has even entered the NBA. Considered soft and having a poor work ethic; but may be due to being a young pro.

Rookie: Stashed
Ceiling: All-Star (Yes, I put bigs with any talent with this as there ceiling because centers suck right now and Hibbert proved that if you impose your will, no matter how talented those smaller guys are; they just can't stop you. You can't teach height!)
Prediction: Sarter

29. Oklahoma City Thunder- Jeff Withey C

Kendrick needs to go. He's one of the worst C's in the league, he has terrible defense and brings nothing on the offensive end. Withey brings great shot blocking ability and a decent finisher. Withey and Collison will round out that frontcourt much better than it's current center.

Strengths: Great shot blocker with great length.

Weaknesses: Suspect post game and not good when creating for self or others.

Rookie: Backup
Ceiling: Blocks leader
Prediction: Backup

30. Phoenix Suns- Solomon Hill C+

The Suns need talent and Hill is a versatile player. Can knock down the open shot consistently and a good defender. Suns are looking to trade Dudley and Hill can fill his role as there all-around dependable guy.

Strengths: Good passer, shooter, and scorer. Can be the missing starter or 6th man a team is looking for.

Weaknesses: Not great at anything and fades at times. Much more talented than his four year career at Zone shows.

Rookie: Rotation
Ceiling: Solid Starter
Prediction: Bench

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